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If you have navigated off the beaten path and onto this website it means you’re probably struggling with stress, adrenal fatigue or you’re afraid that you’re gonna die a slow and painful death, Yes, I actually meant that last bit beacuse let’s face it that’s exactly what it feels like some days when you’re in the midst of a full on adrenal burn out.

This blog title was first born in mind as Fuck My Life because truth be told I felt my life was pretty fucked and I had a hard time believing that I could ever have the same passion for life again. I have evolved since then and my blog baby’s name has now evolved into Finding Meaning in Life. that doesn’t mean it’s going to be all puppy dogs and kittens jumping around on this blog.

Psssst, people who were expecting puppy dogs and kittens, now is your time to bounce on outta here.

No siree you can expect this blog to be painfully honest despite the title change and flower background, as I don’t wish to wrap my own journey with hormonal imbalances, stress and an adrenal fatigue crash that scred the living daylight out of me in a big pretty pink sappy bow. No, this is a blog that is ruthlessly honest because I want my story to inspire other women to be more self caring.

My struggle with hormonal ups and downs started in 2008 where I suddenly found myself experiencing symptoms such as fluid retention, extreme mood swings, cravings, swollen breasts and last but not least heavy, heavy fatigue. My periods started getting extremely painful too and I felt like I was in pre-menopause at the age of 25!!

I sought out alternative help through functional medicine and changed my lifestyle around, which entailed that I started respecting my celiac disease, quit sugar and lactose and even prioritized rest next to my active lifestyle. Two years later this healthy yet very simplistic way of life gave me the most balanced body I’ve ever experienced  – EVER!

And then life happened all over again. My mother’s Sclerosis disease worsened, I went adventuring in exciting parts of the world, I changed my career path and slowly but surely I moved further and further away from the healthy routine I had dedicated myself to from 2010-2012.

Fast forward to 2015, I started experiencing hormonal imbalances once more. This time so severe that I woke up one day and I couldn’t get out of bed!

No woman alive should have to go through an adrenal crash but if you are experiencing one right now, know that I feel your pain. I spent 6 months of 2017 in absolute hell and <i am still in recovery mode though I am doing much better and have finally stabilised my energy again.

I am now in a place of transition as I learn how to make my body healthy and happy again and at the same time figure out who I am today. Life changes drastically when you’ve experienced an adrenal fatigue crash.

I would like to invite you on a journey where I relive my adrenal fatigue days at their worst but i also wish to share my newfound knowledge. There are many in-depth explanations of the root cause of hormonal imbalances that cause adrenal fatigue. It’s not just the hormone that are troublesome though, chaniging your high-octane personality habits is also quite a challenge when you’re on a quest of creating a new way of life for yourself.

I hope you’ll enjoy my stories that I’ll share with you. Heck maybe it will even put a smile on your face or gve you a laugh. I have certainly laughed plenty of times at myself when this blog at first was named Fuck My Life in my mind.


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